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Princess Gabi's enchanting garments are crafted with utmost care using locally sourced, irresistibly soft fabrics.

Embrace the royal touch by ensuring your cherished pieces endure with grace.

At Princess Gabi, we pride ourselves on adorning you in the gentle embrace of locally sourced fabrics, meticulously chosen for their exquisite softness. To preserve the delicate allure of your garments, we recommend a tender touch in their care. Handwash in cool water, employing mild detergents, and let them air-dry to maintain the regal softness that defines Princess Gabi's clothing. Treat each piece as a treasure, and your wardrobe will echo the elegance of our locally inspired creations.

Preserving Elegance in Every Wash

Discover the art of maintaining your Princess Gabi wardrobe with our Wash Care Guide.

Elevate the lifespan of your garments by following these simple yet essential practices, ensuring each wash is a step towards sustained vibrancy and softness.